Organic Produce from Oahu: How to Ensure You're Getting the Real Deal

When it comes to buying organic produce from Oahu, it's essential to make sure that what you're getting is truly organic. Fortunately, there are ways to verify that the product you're buying meets USDA organic standards. Organic producers rely on natural substances and on physically, mechanically or biologically based agricultural methods to the greatest extent possible. To guarantee that the produce is organic, look for the certifier's identity on the packaged product.

This will confirm that the product meets USDA organic standards. Agricultural products can be said to be organic if they are certified that they grew in soil in which prohibited substances were not applied during the three years before the harvest. As for organic meat, the regulations require that animals be raised in living conditions that adapt to their natural behaviors (such as the ability to graze on pastures), that they be fed with 100% organic feed and fodder, and that they are not given antibiotics or hormones. Organic standards mean you can be sure that products have been grown without chemical pesticides or herbicides, waste sludge, ionizing radiation, or genetic engineering.

To make sure you're getting the best quality organic produce from Oahu, buy from farmers who have been certified by a reputable certifying agency. Another way to ensure you're getting truly organic produce is to use an analyzer and its corresponding sensors. This data will be collected on a collective basis (but hidden from the person who enters it) so that other people can access it. People will know who actually produces organic food, and this data can be used to verify the authenticity of the product. We buy products from more than 100 farmers in Hawaii to bring you the best products grown locally on the islands.

This is the third installment in the Organic 101 series, which explores different aspects of USDA organic regulations. While there are many commercial claims that add value to food, consumers can rest assured that USDA organic products are verified as organic at every step between farm and store. To make sure you're getting genuine organic produce from Oahu, look for certifiers' identities on packaged products and use an analyzer with its corresponding sensors. Additionally, buy from farmers who have been certified by a reputable certifying agency and purchase products from more than 100 farmers in Hawaii for top-notch local produce.

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