The Benefits of Eating Locally Grown Organic Produce from Oahu

When it comes to nutrition, locally grown produce and fruit is often more nutritious than food that has been shipped from the mainland or from another country. This is because the long shipping journey can result in the loss of nutrients for many of the imported fruits. Studies have shown that locally identified fruits appear to be more nutritious than imported fruits, although more research is needed to determine the exact nutritional values of many of the locally produced tropical fruits. Eggs from your own chicken coop or from a free-range island farm are also significantly more nutritious than eggs from the mainland.

This is because the yolk of local eggs is usually darker than those from the mainland. Buying and eating local products also supports the local economy, which is something that we all need to do our part in. There are a number of producers on Oahu that offer fresh produce, organic fruit, taro, free-range eggs and chickens. For example, Oahu Fresh's CSA packages are a great way to get a variety of fresh produce, while Poamoho Organic Produce offers organic fruit.

Na Mea Kupono Farms grows taro in Waialua, Meleana's farm offers weekly CSA baskets, and Tin Roof Ranch sells organic free-range eggs and chickens that they process themselves. It's important to give local products the same considerations as imported products, and producers deserve a fair benefit based on the real cost of production. By supporting local producers, we can help to ensure that our local economy continues to thrive.

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